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New Green Day- A Green Day Fan's Take- AXE

It hasn't quite been twenty four hours since the release of Green Day's new single "Bang Bang" which will be on their forthcoming album ' Revolution Radio ', due out October 7th, and I've already listened to it close to probably a hundred times. My hip shot, gut reaction is it's amazing! Now for...
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Green Day will release a new LP on October 7 called Revolution Radio and today they dropped the first single, " Bang Bang ." Billie Joe Armstrong has this to say about the new record: “Of course the world has lost its collective mind... and me, Mike and Tré are lost souls too,” Armstrong said in a...
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Is It Weird I Like Instrument Cover Videos- AXE

As you probably figured out based on the title of this blog, I like instrumental cover videos on YouTube. Does this make me weird? Some would say yes. I say no. (disclaimer: I am weird, but not for this reason). I think for me , it is a matter of being a fan of music in general. As a fan of music,...
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Nik Rivers - All These Things That I Have Heard

So, one of the benefits of traveling the musical world, is that a lot of the time, i get to put my ears on new music before most of the world gets to hear it. And my trip to Lollapalooza this past weekend was no exception. Here is a little preview of some of the new tunes that I got to listen to...
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Green Day ’s Billie Joe Armstrong celebrated his new movie Geezer this weekend by jumping on stage with members of his band and Joan Jett . Watch a bit of “American Idiot” here: Video of Geezer Premiere-Billie Joe Armstrong, Joan Jett "American Idiot & Bad Reputation" [4...
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