Now that you have Discoverd and Downloaded Rag'N'Bone Man ( CLICK HERE if you haven't yet!) get to know him more with this EXCLUSIVE Alt Buffalo Q & A! 1. From the Rum Committee days to “Human,” we’ve seen both hip hop and blues in your music—what made you decide to focus on singing as opposed...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Rag'N'Bone Man - "Human"

Rag ‘N’ Bone Man has been a prolific underground name for a couple of years now, first as the resident vocalist of rap's Rum Committee, and now through his latest releases ‘Wolves’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Disfigured’ EP. And, like many things, it began with the blues. Having discovered the...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: CRX - "Ways To Fake It"

The urge to begin a new project, for CRX’s Nick Valensi, came from a primal place: He just wanted to play. “I was at a place where I got really hungry to perform in front of audiences, and do things a little more simply,” Valensi says. “The Strokes don't play that often anymore, and when we do it's...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Kaye - "Honey"

Kaye was born Charlene Kaye in Honolulu, Hawaii. She spent her childhood all over the globe, relocating to Singapore, Hong Kong, Arizona and Michigan all before she turned 18. Growing up in the suburbs of Phoenix, she became a full-fledged music obsessive, playing classical piano and teaching...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Honne - "Someone That Loves You"

HONNE - 本音 : one’s true feelings and desires In little under two years, blue-eyed soul duo HONNE have become the band to fall in love with, and to. “There’s a lot of women at our shows,” says co-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Hatcher, “and a lot of couples.” Unsuspecting frontman Andy...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Wild Wild - "When We Were Young"

“I started hitchhiking when I was 18, that’s when I left the Midwest,” says The Wild Wild aka Benjamin Dunn in describing the early beginnings of his story. It’s a scenario that’s been played out many times as sensitive, creative types shake off the confines of a traditional upbringing and head out...
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