President draws critics from tweet about delaying election

BUFFALO (WBEN) - President Trump certainly stirred up the social media world early Thursday morning by again attacking the legitimacy of mail-in voting and even suggesting the November election be delayed.

Of course, that tweet was met with immediate pushback.

Democrat Congressman Brian Higgins didn't hold back at all in his criticism.

"He wants to change election day because, of course, he can't win it fairly or honestly," said Higgins. "He doesn't have the ability to change the General Election - it's set by federal law dating back to 1845 - only Congress, the House and the Senate, can enact legislation to change that, and if they did do that, the President would have to sign it into law, but that's obviously not going to happen.

"We have an acute public health crisis; we have a severe economic crisis, unprecedented in the history of this country, and it's all under this President," Higgins continued. "So, obviously he wants to change the rules of the game because they don't benefit him."

Listen to Higgins' full comments below:

Republican Congressman Tom Reed wasn't available for an interview, but he released a stsatement:

“Our elections should proceed as planned in November. As always, I have faith in the American people and our democratic system that we can continue to carry out our elections properly. That being said, we will have to address the purely logistical problems posed by a massive change in how votes are sourced. I hope Republicans and Democrats can come together in these unprecedented times and agree we should be doing everything we can to secure our elections and prevent fraud.”

Republican Political Strategist Carl Calabrese says the tweet left him shaking his head.

"I just think it was a bad tactical error that he made in bringing that up," said Calabrese. "It just feeds what his opponents have been putting out there, saying he's going to (pull) a misdirection, and it just gets him off-message - and this is the most frustrating part of watching Donald Trump and being a Republican.

"If I were his campaign manager, that's got to be the most difficult job in the world - boy, I'd just be going crazy right now, saying, 'What are you thinking?'" Calabrese continued. "I think the tweets can be good if they're used judiciously, but to just keep throwing these things out and getting off-message...bad tactics."

Listen to Calabrese's full comments below: