How day care centers have no COVID19 cases

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The spread of COVID19 has not been seen in young children, one reason why it hasn't popped up in area day care centers.

"Kids less than 10, based on the research we've seen, are less likely to be able to spread the virus. There's a lot of evidence that should reassure parents," says Dr. Steven Turkovich of Oishei Children's Hospital. "If you look at other countries that reopened schools, the same thing has happened. Implementing measures like cleaning, mask wearing and social distancing should help control the spread."

At Brierwood Child Care in Hamburg, Wendy Filkorn says there have been no cases of COVID19. She says masks are required by adults in the facility, but not the kids. "They're not mandated to wear masks by the state. It's the same kids in the same classroom, so there's no need for social distancing. Even on the playground, each age has its own playground area," explains Filkorn's use of dividing the children by age group. 

She says there is constant hand washing by both staff and kids, and temperatures are taken daily. "The COVID questions are listed. Any staff or parent signs off and agrees that if anything changes in their status they have to inform us of that,' notes Filkorn.

Over at Ripen with Us Day Care in Buffalo, Ruth Cleary says there are no such cases of COVID there either. She notes cleaning efforts were in place before the pandemic began. "Each of the teachers after the last child leaves sprayed the entire room. Since the pandemic, we have these special wipes to wipe down the doorknobs and light switches, more than what we used to do," says Cleary. "We continue to sanitize the toys daily, some are put in the dishwasher after food service because it does sanitize, and we just got a new electrostatic sprayer that we can use at the end of the night." Cleary says in a normal schedule, once the kids in a group goes outside, the inside is sanitized, and vice versa. 

Cleary says there are social distancing squares for adults dropping off their children in the hallway, as well as temperature checks and the COVID19 questions required daily. But social distancing is not enforced among kids. "It's kind of hard to do it with an infant, even with a three or four year old, you just can't," says Cleary.

Cleary says children are divided into two groups daily, and the groups switch, She says you can switch teachers with a group, but the kids can't switch a group.