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#DiscoverAndDownload: Zipper Club - "Going The Distance"

Zipper Club is comprised of Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie of Lissy Trullie. “I was never pigeonholed into liking one specific genre,” says Mason, the no-nonsense guitarist and founding member behind the addictive assault of a new-wave inspired band alongside multi-instrumentalist...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Charming Liars - "Soul"

Charming Liars is a British/American rock band, based in Los Angeles, California originally founded in London, England. CONNECT WITH CHARMING LIARS ONLINE: OFFICIAL SITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | YOUTUBE Video of Charming Liars - Soul (Official Music Video)
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Honne - "Someone That Loves You"

HONNE - 本音 : one’s true feelings and desires In little under two years, blue-eyed soul duo HONNE have become the band to fall in love with, and to. “There’s a lot of women at our shows,” says co-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Hatcher, “and a lot of couples.” Unsuspecting frontman Andy...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Maybird - "Turning Into Water"

Hailing from just down the 90 in Rochester, Twangy psychedelia with a funhouse bounce, Maybird modernizes blissful space-rock with a playful sense of pop songwriting. These mind-melters emerged in 2013 with Down & Under , a lush headphone symphony which introduced their unique mixture of ELO...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Wild Wild - "When We Were Young"

“I started hitchhiking when I was 18, that’s when I left the Midwest,” says The Wild Wild aka Benjamin Dunn in describing the early beginnings of his story. It’s a scenario that’s been played out many times as sensitive, creative types shake off the confines of a traditional upbringing and head out...
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