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WATCH: Tour Jack White's Third Man Pressing

By: Maura O'Malley

February 27, 2017

Jack White’s Third Man Records came to fruition in Detroit, Michigan in 2001, and this weekend, Third Man Pressing officially opened for business in Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood. “We’re making things beautiful last for the next generation,” White toasted at Saturday’s (2/25) opening party.

While the opening festivities were open to public, Detroit’s not exactly around the corner. But even though you likely didn’t get to attend the party, you can still tour the studio and learn a bit about the record-making process in the video below.

How sick does this place sound? The 8 brand-new vinyl record pressing machines are some of the first ones to be built in over 30 years. This stuff is the real deal. We’re talking clean, quality records.

Not only is the business focused on creating jobs, but they’re also into minimizing waste. If a record doesn’t meet their high standards, it can be re-ground into a later record.

Another cool thing? They’re not just pressing titles for Third Man Records. They’ll take anyone, “whether it’s punk bands doing their first release, mid-level indie labels looking to get increased capacity due to back-logged vinyl turnaround times. Third Man Pressing really wants to be the plant for everybody.” Right on.