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Watch Dave Grohl and His Mom Swap Stories at LA Times Festival of Books

April 25, 2017

In her new book, From Cradle To Stage, (out April 25) Virginia Grohl (mother of Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl) documents what it was like raising one of today's biggest rock stars, as well as interviewing the mothers of other famous musicians like Dr. DrePharrell, and Amy Winehouse. In the promo below, things get personal when Dave and his mom talk about the embarrassing moments she worked into her book.

In an interview with The Guardian, Virginia reveals that one of the biggest fears she had when her son achieved worldwide fame drumming in Nirvana was the ladies. Mama Grohl said her nightmare was the thought of her baby boy being snatched up by someone like Madonna.

Grohl also described her feelings when she first heard the news that Dave's bandmate Kurt Cobain committed suicide as shock, but not surprise. She told The Guardian that she knew things were bad and was concerned about Dave would handle losing not only a friend, but possibly his budding career as well. Grohl's mother also says that she did have faith, especially because Dave was always such a positive person.

Watch Dave discuss being exposed to new music at the LA Times Festival of Books with his mom in the video below!