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Woodstock 50 - It Ain't Gonna Happen

April 23, 2019

Ok, I know we are all pretty pumped about the lineup for Woodstock 50, but if you have been listening to me on-air the last couple of weeks you know that I have hatched a conspiracy theory as to why I think that the festival ain't gonna happen.

Now let's get the record straight, I am not saying THIS IS FACT, but pure speculation on my part.  With that said, there are several reasons why I think the festival is in trouble.  Let me state my case.

1. The Black Keys canceled - Ok, you agree to headline the 50th anniversary of one of the most ICONIC music festivals in history.  Then you cancel your performance, citing a scheduling conflict.  C'MON MAN, if you are slated to play this show, don't you check your palm pilot, or blackberry, or something to make sure you’re free that day.....FISHY!

2. You can’t find ANY info on tickets - Ok, you announce the 50th anniversary of an ICONIC festival, you roll out a sweet lineup, and then you go radio silence on tickets?  What Gives?  Oh wait, lookie everyone, tickets are going on sale on April 22nd to coincide with Earth Day...Crunchy. WRONG.!!! Ticket on-sale has been postponed by the festivals organizers, with no new on sale date in site. Strike 2! 

3. Their Twitter account has been very dark – If you are going to put on 50th anniversary of an ICONIC festival, you would think that you would be tweeting about it to the world, because hey it's a pretty sweet show.  Wrong again.  The last meaningful tweet from their account was on March 28th.  Sure there was some stuff over this past weekend, but it was all Earth Day goodness, nothing show related.

4. Permits, get your permits here - You would think that if you are going to put on 50th anniversary of an ICONIC festival, you would have all the necessary paperwork and permits in place right?  WRONG again.  Rumors are now surfacing that the Mass Gathering permit required by New York State has yet to be acquired and the application is currently under review.  That could be a HUGE mistake if the permit isn't granted.

I took my insane old man conspiracy theories to the air on Monday on WBEN 930, CLICK HERE to hear me yell "Get Off Of My Lawn" and other old man type clichés.

Again, this is not FACT, just my opinion...but the facts are adding up...As Mulder & Scully once said...The Truth Is Out There....