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UPDATE - The Head And The Heart missed their flight - Nik Rivers

April 5, 2019

So I travel a good amount.  I mean, not as much as a touring band per say, but my frequent flyer miles have added up over the years.  I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas (I know, you're shocked) and had some time to kill on the plane.  So as I was somewhere over Mid-America, and I had my headphones on and was listening to some music.  The new song "Missed Connection" from #Kerfuffle featured artist The Head And The Heart came on. 

For the first time, I had my headphones on while listening and was really locked in to the lyrics and the song. The first few listens, I thought the song was about a love that never happened.  Two ships passing in the night, that could have been. 

But now, after listening to it on a plane, I think the meaning is much simpler.  I think it's about traveling across the country, and missing a flight connection, and being forced to talk to some bozo in an airport that won't shut up.

So my new theory is that TH&TH were running through an airport terminal, couldn't find their gate, and missed a flight somewhere along the way and got really deep into a bad airport conversation. 

Crisscrossed in the wrong direction.  Found myself in a conversation, from a missed connection.”

Check out the lyric video here, and judge for yourself.

UPDATE - I chatted with Chris from The Head And The Heart....annnnnnnd...I WAS RIGHT!

CLICK HERE to listen to our interview!