Record Store Day

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Nix Pix - Record Store Day Black Friday Edition

Check out Nik Rivers top 3 RSD Black Friday 2019 releases

November 25, 2019

I like records.  Vinyl Records.  I have been growing my vinyl collection slowly but surely since I was a kid, with a HEAVY emphasis of collecting over the last few years, and now have over 500 pieces in the living room. And now, the most magical day of the year is upon us again!  Record Store Day - Black Friday is here this week! 

Here are my top Three picks for Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

1. Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged - Sure, Nirvana Unplugged gets all of the spotlight as far as the series is concerned, but as a kid, this performance from March of 1992 was the one that really grabbed my attention on MTV.  The band's stunning rendition of "Black" is one of my favorites to this day, and the pure energy from their performance of "Porch" is truly one for the ages.  This Friday, it will be available on vinyl for the first time:



2. Barns Courtney - Live From The Old Nunnery.  New goodness here from our ole' pal Barnsey!  Check out his scaled back performances of "You And I" and "99" Live from the Old Nunnery on Vinyl for the first time!


3. Yacht Rock Revue - Doobie Bounce / What a Fool Believes (Live in Boston) - If you know me, you know that I like to keep it Breezy.  One of the Breeziest out there is the smoothest cover band there is, Yacht Rock Revue.  And this RSD Black Friday, you can keep it breezy on Vinyl as they release the original track "Doobie Bounce" with the smooth cover of "What a Fool Believes (Live in Boston)" on the B side. 

If you want to feast your eyes on the full list of RSD Black Friday releases, CLICK HERE and if your heading out locally for vinyl this Friday, may I recommend checking out Hi-Fi Hits in Williamsville!