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Jake Ryan Would Dig half.alive - Nik

July 2, 2019

Ok, so if you listen to me at all on Alternative Buffalo, you know that I like to compare new music to things that I've heard before.  "This new song sounds like..." is a phrase that I've uttered too many times to count.

But for a while now, I have yet to put my finger on just what "Still Feel" by half.alive reminds me of.  As a point of reference, check out their sweet song here.

Not only is the song sweet, but so is the video.  It reminds me of the great video's of the late 90's, with a hint of Jamiroquai.  But something about the song, reminded me of something else.  And then, a few days ago, the 80's John Hughes classic "Sixteen Candles" was on, and the scene where Farmer Ted was pulling out of Jake Ryan's garage after the party was on...and (pardon this AMAZING pun!) WHAM! it hit me.

The song in that scene is called "Young Guns" recorded back in 1983 by George Michael and his group at the time WHAM!  Check out this "live" TV performance of the song from 1983.

So, I dunno...I may be crazy, but I def feel that the backbeat to "Still Feel" has a very similar vibe to "Young Guns".  And needless to say, I think that Jake Ryan would approve.