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The Black Keys Have A 'Twin Peaks' Obsession

June 4, 2019

Ok, here we go again.  A couple of months back, I had a crackpot theory that I developed in an airport, that the new Head And The Heart song "Missed Connection" was literally about missing a flight in an airport, and getting stuck in a conversation at an airport bar.  Turns out...I WAS RIGHT!!!.  You can CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with the band, confirming my theory.

Maybe I am not so crazy after all... So time for a new theory.  When The Black Keys first announced that their new album was called "Let's Rock", being an uber fan of the TV show Twin Peaks, my mind instantly went here...

Then some time went by, and that thought faded into the sunset.  But, the other day I was doing some digging around online and found the track listing for "Let's Rock" on the interwebs...

1."Shine a Little Light" 

2."Eagle Birds"


4."Walk Across the Water" 

5."Tell Me Lies" 

6."Every Little Thing" 

7."Get Yourself Together" 

8."Sit Around and Miss You" 


10."Breaking Down" 

11."Under the Gun" 

12."Fire Walk with Me"


  Could it be!?!?  Could The Black Keys also be obsessed with Twin Peaks?  Lots of bands are.  Bastille had a song called "Laura Palmer".  Robert Delong now wears what he calls his "David Lynch Suit" on stage.  Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull and I have discussed the show at great length.  And now, I feel we need to add The Black Keys to the list.

For a's the official trailer for the Twin Peaks 1992 prequel movie "Fire Walk With Me"

Now my next adventure, is to figure out of the whole record is Twin Peaks themed or if the owls are not what they seem.  But with the album title "Let's Rock" and a song called "Fire Walk With Me", I feel I need to make this journey to the Black Lodge....

That gum I like is back in style....stay tuned.