WATCH: Rick Astley Joined Foo Fighters Again & Apparently This is a Thing Now

September 20, 2017
Dave Grohl and Rick Astley

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In this day and age, anything can happen—even an unlikely collaboration between the Foo Fighters and Rick Astley, that guy who’s always popping up unexpectedly in your friends' YouTube videos (because you've obviously never fallen victim to the rickroll).

Anyway, “collaboration” may not be the best term to describe … whatever it is that’s happening with these two acts.

First came that time the Foos and Astley rickrolled an audience. Then Astley paid homage to the rockers with a cover of their classic jam “Everlong.”

To continue the saga, Foo Fighters brought Astley onstage, again, for an encore performance of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and NME dug up some fan-shot footage of the cover. Scroll down to see what The O2 Audience in London witnessed last night.

Who knows—with all the celebrity appearances on Concrete and Gold, maybe Astley is just working to secure his place on the next Foo album?