LISTEN: Jack White Shares a Mashup of Tunes Called "Servings And Portions From My Boarding House Reach"

December 12, 2017
Jack White

© Mathew Hayward | Dreamstime

Jack White has shared a new video for what seems to be a mashup of tunes. Or is it one full song? 

Called “Servings And Portions From My Boarding House Reach,” the music on the Brad Holland-filmed-and-edited video sounds like it could be a preview of all the songs to be featured on White’s upcoming album. But, then again, White did promise that this album would be “bizarre.” So who knows.

Either way, you'll want to hear this new “song.” Check it out below!

Is it me, or did that feel almost like you’re watching some sort of subliminal messaging or a not-scary version of that death wish movie from The Ring?

Regardless, we’re into it.