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Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Gets Meme Treatment

"Bad Guy" Gets Meme'd

May 23, 2019


I found out recently that Billie Eilish and I have a strange daily routine in common. Watching "The Office" while getting ready for the day. As you saw in her interview with Rainn Wilson she's the master in Office trivia. Today I stumbled across this video on Facebook and couldn't stop laughing at I do with anything light and stupid, WATCH:

I didn't even realize that meme-ing Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" was a thing right now so I did some digging and here is what else I found...

Some "Plants Vs. Zombies" action:

How about a Slipknot remix?

Or a hip-pop classic?


The list goes on and I'm sure you will see them pop up on your timelines! If you haven't checked out the full REAL music video for "Bad Guy" please do! It's my favorite song to jam to in the car right now ;)