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October 5, 2018

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New For The Week Of 10/5/18:

Mumford & Sons- "Guiding Light":  This new tune is about enduring love. The band explained that this song was written a year ago before it's release and took much time to perfect it. Here we have a marriage between gentle piano, energetic tempo, chilling harmonies and classic acoustic guitar. This is coming off of the anticipated album Delta. Enjoy!

The 1975- "Love It If We Made It": While the singles from "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships" trickle in on the radio, we're now enjoying "Love It If We Made It" a bit of an unusual twist for the band. Most of the bands songs look onward to the self but this tune looks outward at society. We live in pretty ridiculous time's folks! Here you will find quit a few direct quotes and notions from today's pop culture and torrid political client. Listen and tell us what you catch!

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