A Salute To All The Artists That Make Meet N' Greets Special


November 20, 2018


I swear I'm not going to make this an entire blog about Barns Courtney but he will be featured in it!
Today is a day to celebrate everything fun and quirky. Do something weird with no regrets- it might even brighten up someone's day to watch you act a fool!
I was thinking about all of the memorable silly and absurd moments we have had here at Alternative Buffalo with our Alt Family and artists and I decided to look back on Meet N' Greet photos throughout the years. Meet N' Greet are awesome opportunities for us folk to get up close and personal with our favorite musicians and even snap a photo of the moment. I truly appreciate when the artists mix it up and mess around for the photos to make a memorable experience. From the "I don't know what to do with my hands" to the "I don't know what to do with my face" photos here are my favorite photos I could dig up... enjoy!

Exhibit A: Probably my favorite meet n' greet pose. The "Prom Photo" with Lewis Del Mar


Exhibit B: "Squad Goals" with Mainland

Exhibit C: The "Bart Simspon" with New Politics (that's The Hose Guy from Kerfuffle)

Exhibit D: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with Matt & Kim

Exhibit E: The "TMI" with Flora Cash

Exhibit F: The "Wedding Night" with Barns Courtney

Exhibit G: The "I'm Sick Of Smiling" with Lynn Gunn of PVRIS

Exhibit H: The "Just Married" with Wild Things

Exhibit I: "You're Ruining My Photo" with Joywave and Kennedy on Alt Buffalo

Exhibit J: The "Bako Dozo" with New Beat Fund

Exhibit K: The "Middle Finger" with Missio (someone come get their Dad!)

Exhibit L: The "Stolen Selfie" with lovelytheband (sorry for holding up the line)

Exhibit M: The "Kiss Kiss" with Bishop Briggs (key word here is going to be "consent" )

Exhibit N: The "Go With The Flow" with Saint Motel

Have any fun Meet N' Greet photos you'd like us to share? Post your pics and tag us @AltBuffalo !

Happy Absurdity Day! Go do something bonkers and report back to us tomorrow :)