Frosting Like It's 1999

Emily-If Beauty Tutorials Existed In The 90's

April 11, 2019


I know I've been really harping on this millennial train lately but I've got more to add...

Yesterday I saw an Instagramer who is ELEVEN YEARS OLD with makeup of a 21 year old. WHAT IN CONTOURNATION?! (No disrespect to Emery shown here, get it girl!)
I don't think I was allowed to wear makeup at that age let alone even cared...

Holographic sisters -- --‍♀️

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But that's not really why I'm writing this. 
I guess I'm jealous of teens these days. We used to get make up tips and ideas out of magazines and hope for the best from our drug store make up.
Nowadays, people have make up tutorials that make them look like anyone from Barbie to Beyoncé.

I came across this hilarious video that shows what a beauty tutorial would be like if we had them in 1999. It's pretty on point for the beauty trends at the turn of the millennia. I'm so damaged by my self-taught make up skills that I still thought you were supposed to frost the brow. OOPS? Watch the hilarious video..the bits at the end are great too!

Ahhhh...1999...such a simpler time for most of us...