Brandi's Best Albums of the Year

December 28, 2018

Photo Credit Brantley Gutierrez

Another year of new music in the books and here's my top 5 list for best albums of 2018.  Let me preface this with these are purely my favorite albums of 2018, regardless of what the critics or anyone else for that matter might think. 


5.  Awolnation "Here Come The Runts" - Released in February, that first single 'Passion' hit me in the face in the best way possible.  And we got to see another side to Awolnation with 'Handyman'.  The album reads like a story and it was awesome to have Awolnation return to the Kerfuffle stage this past year too!


4.  Elle King "Shake The Spirit" - King returned back on the scene in October with a confessional album.  I love her ability to be raw and real which you hear on "Naturally Pretty Girls".  My favorite track is "Baby Outlaw" which manages to harness her growl with a cowboy-western sound.


3.  Arctic Monkeys "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino" - When the album dropped in May it split Arctic Monkeys fans espcially following up AM.  However, long-time Arctic Monkeys fans could see this is where the band was headed all along.  Nothing gets me like a Bowie infused album with Stanley Kubrick vibes and "What do you mean, you've never seen Blade Runner?"


2.  The Glorious Sons "Little Prison City" - Yes this is a live album that made my list from July.  I can't even begin to describe my obsession with Glorious Sons!  From kicking off the album with S.O.S. to their Stones cover of "Gimme Shelter", this is one to crank the volume past 11.  And it's good to know rock music is alive and well!


1.  Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats "Tearing At The Seams" - I had been patiently awaiting the release of NR&TNS follow up album since their self titled debut.  When "You Worry Me" dropped, it sounded so different and a place we'd never been to yet with NR&TNS.  Released in March, this album is one you can put on and listen to from beginning to end.  From fun moments of "Shoe Boot" and "Intro" to singing while crying to "Hey Mama" this album gives you all the feels.  Also, love that the band teamed up with Lucius on "Babe I Know" and my favorite track on the album "Coolin' Out".  Plus it made my year seeing them perform at Artpark.  Truly talented musicans.  I highly reccommend you spend some quality time with this record if you haven't already.  Once you do, you'll be salivating like me for more NR&TNS!