Brandi- Foo Fighters Ban Bizarre List of Items at Concert

Don't even think about bringing in your homemade nut milks!

February 8, 2018
Foo Fighters

Brantley Gutierrez


At a recent Foo Fighters show in New Zealand, the band released a list of banned items from the concert.  In true Foos fashion, they made the list hilariously bizarre.  Of course the list of prohibited items included the usual glass and weapons, but then went on to include "any pencil that isn't number two (2) pencil, derogatory press clipping of Shania Twain, Cream magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent, and any unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest..."  Also, I hope you weren't planning to wear leg warmers to a Foos show because they banned those too!  I swear if ever the Foo Fighters want to stop making music (which I hope they never do) they definitely have a career in the comedy world!  Check out the full list of banned items here!