The Underground Collective Playlist 8/28/16

August 31, 2016

It was a week filled with more great #NewMusicDiscovery. An early heads up, there will be NO show this week with it being Labor Day weekend but if you missed the show this past week, here's a few tunes to get caught up with. We debuted a new song from A Day To Remember called "Naivety". We also got on the new one from Slaves called "Spit It Out". To get caught up further, you can watch the video for the song "No Sleep" from Twin Atlantic below.

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The Underground Collective 8/28/16

Hour 1


Twin Atlantic- No Sleep

A Day To Remember- Naivety

Slaves- Spit It Out

Sam Roberts Band- If You Want It

Ladyhawke- Let it Roll

Warpaint- New Song

Pixies- Talent

Local Natives- Coins

Deap Vally- Smile More

Big Jesus - The Last Day Of Summer

Big Jesus- SP

Dawes- When The Tequila Runs Out

Of Montreal- Gratuitous Abysses

The Griswolds- Out of my Head

Hot Panda- Bad Pop


Hour 2


Joyce Manor- Fake I.D.

Blink 182- Built This Pool

Blink 182- No Future

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Go Robot

Bleeker- Highway

The Kickback- Fanger

R.E.M.- Radio

Hoops- Cool 2

Cool Ghouls- Sun Dial

Florence And The Machine- Wish That You Were Here

Blackout Balter- Heavy Hand

Beach Slang- Punks in a Disco Bar

The Wytches- C-Side

LVL UP- Pain

Them Bruins- Heading for the Harrows

Gringo Star- Rotten


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