The Underground Collective Playlist 7/28/19

July 30, 2019

So many great new songs, so little time! We could easily fill 6, 8, probably even 10 hours with new music but we still got a bunch of great tunes on over the 2 hours of the show. We brought back the new song from "Coinstar" from Juiceboxxx . We also debuted "I'll Be Back Someday" from Tegan and Sara. Below, you can hear the Willie Nelson cover of Credence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain".

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The Underground Collective Playlist 7/28/19

Hour 1


Juiceboxx- Coinstar Song

Menzingers- Anna

Squid- The Cleaner

Amber Run- Neon Circus

DIIV- Skin Game

DJ Shadow- Rocket Fuel (Ft. De La Soul)

Violent Femmes- I’m Nothing

The BRKN- Your Existence

Mini Mansions- I'm In Love

All American Rejects- Send Her To Heaven

The Hives- Good Samaritan

Tegan and Sara- Ill Be Back Someday

The Belafontes- Gemini

Demob Happy- Autoportrait

Wilco- Love Is Everywhere (Beware)


Hour 2


The Regrettes- I Dare You

Electric Guest- Dollar

Twin Peaks- Dancing Through It

Hollerado- Straight To Hell

Nnena- Lovesick

Vivian Girls- Sick

Willie Nelson- Have You Ever Seen The Rain


Local Natives- When Am I Gonna Lose You

Goon- Check Engine

Spoon- No Bullets Spent

CRX- Falling

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt- Kill In The Cure

Ty Segall- The Arms

Twen- Damsel

Sandy (Alex G)- Hope

Belle And Sebastian- Sister Buddha

Thom Yorke- Not The News

Matchstick Skeletons- Told Ya So

The Catching- The More I Say