The Underground Collective Playlist 11/10/19

November 13, 2019

This week's show saw a bunch of great tunes! Some were newcomers, others back for another spin. If you missed the show, here are a few to get caught up with. We debuted the new one from Tame Impala called "It Might Be Time". We also debuted Silverstein covering The Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm". Below, you can watch the music video for "Somedays (I Don't Feel Like Trying) from The Raconteurs.

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The Underground Collective Playlist 11/10/19

Hour 1


Green Day- Fire, Ready, Aim

Dr. Joe- Good Day

Beautiful Dudes- Radio

Tame Impala- It Might Be Time


Ryan Pollie- No Woman No Cry

Silverstein- Disarm

Desert Sessions- Crucifire

Weathers- Lonely Vampire

The Raconteurs- Somedays (I Don't Feel Like Trying)

Algiers- Dispossession

Run River North- Monsters

Kae Astra- Howl

La Roux- International Woman Of Leisure

Francis Quinlan- Rare Thing

Hour 2

Hazel English- Shaking

Post Animal- Safe or Not

Nikki’s Wives- Bones

Goody Grace- Scumbag (Ft. Blink 182)

Torres- Good Scare

Wolf Parade- Against The Day

Dune Rats- Crazy

Star Parks- Oh Boredom (Schmaltz City, USA)

Little Dragon- Tongue Kissing

The Districts- Hey Jo

THE HOMESICK- I Celebrate My Fantasy

Counterfeit- It Gets Better

Modern Love Child- In A City

Pinegrove- Phase

Cheerleader- Chimera