The Underground Collective Playlist 02/11/18

February 12, 2018

Another show, another week with more debuts than returns. They're coming fast and furious and we're trying to keep up (pretty well too if we may say so ourselves). If you missed the show, here's a few songs to get yourself caught up. We debuted a new one from The Wonder Years called "Sister Cities". We also debuted a new song from ASH called "Buzzkill". And below, you can check out the lyric video for "Oh My Dear Lord" from The Unlikely Candidates.

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The Underground Collective Playlist 02/11/18

Hour 1


The Wonder Years- Sister Cities

Ash- Buzzkill

Parade of Lights- Tidal Waves

Eels- The Deconstruction

snny- Let's Not Pretend

Hop Along- How Simple

Jack White- Corporation

Laura Veirs- Everybody Needs You

The Frights- Valentines Sux

Moby- Mere Anarchy

The Aces- Volcanic Love

The Regrettes- Come Through

DESSA- 5 out of 6 radio

Cecil Frena- All Of My Heroes

The Unlikely Candidates- Oh My Dear Lord


Hour 2


Superchunk- Erasure

MGMT - Me & Michael

Middle Kids- Mistake

Just Nate- One Is Half

Let's Eat Grandma- Hot Pink

The Breeders- All Nerve

Twin Peaks- Tossing Tears

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Mainland

The Voidz- Leave It In My Dreams

Albert Hammond Jr.- Muted Beatings

King Tuff - Psycho Star

Hookworms- Static Resistance

Soccer Mommy- Your Dog

Loma- Relay Runner

Dream Wife- Hey! Heartbreaker