New Green Day- A Green Day Fan's Take- AXE

August 12, 2016

(Photo Source Credit: USA Today)


It hasn't quite been twenty four hours since the release of Green Day's new single "Bang Bang" which will be on their forthcoming album 'Revolution Radio', due out October 7th, and I've already listened to it close to probably a hundred times. My hip shot, gut reaction is it's amazing! Now for some deeper interpretation. The song title and lyrics suggest that this is going to be a politically charged album. "Bang Bang" takes you inside the head of a mass shooter, commenting on the rash of mass shootings in America. With the political direction of the record, I can't help but have flash backs of 'American Idiot', an album that followed 2000's 'Warning' which was an album looked down upon by long time Green Day fans much like the trilogy of 'Uno' 'Dos' and 'Tre' that preceded this coming album. This new song makes me feel that Green Day is on the verge of yet another "career resurrecting" album, not that their career needs that much resurrecting at this point. Sonically, I hear many different eras of Green Day. Nik Rivers was correct (as usual) in his pre-release review of the punk power of 'Dookie" mixed with the rawness of 'Kerplunk', but I also hear the political angst of 'American Idiot' with the thick guitars of '21st Century Breakdown'. At the same time, there's also a new power and energy that I've never heard before from them. "Bang Bang" is just a glimpse of what is to come from Green Day; 1/12th of the album we will hear come October 7th.  When it's all said and done, I think we will view 'Revolution Radio' as an era defining record much like 'American Idiot', but don't let that fool you into thinking that this album will be an 'American Idiot' clone. This album will finish what was started with 'American Idiot' and continued with '21st Century Breakdown". 'American Idiot', '21st Century Breakdown' and 'Revolution Radio' may end up being the true Green Day Trilogy. #BangBang #RevRad

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