June 23, 2017

            We just had the first day of Summer and it got me thinking about some of my childhood summer memories, and what summer means to me now as an adult, specifically an adult who moved from South Florida to Buffalo. Living in Florida, summer doesn’t have the same meaning it does here. It’s hot ALL the time down there. The real significance of Summer was getting out of school for a couple of months. What I’ve learned living in Buffalo as an adult, is that we only get a few months of nice weather, and Buffalonians don’t let it go to waste.

            As a child in Florida, there are two summers that really stand out. The first would be the Summer of 1994. I was 9 years old and my family and I took a vacation to Paris, France. We also took a fairy over to England and spent a few days there. We visited all the tourist attractions you could think of; The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triumph, The Louvre where we saw ‘The Mona Lisa’, and Euro Disney in Paris, and Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Piccadilly Square, and we even took a double decker bus tour in England. Plus we saw tons of other cool and historic stuff.

The second, would be the Summer of 1999. I was 14 and playing on a travel baseball team. We played all over the state of Florida; Orlando, Winter Haven, Cocoa Beach, West Palm Beach, Miami, Pembroke Pines, and we even traveled to Houston, Texas where we played in a tournament AND I got to see a Houston Astros game in the Astrodome before it was torn down. We won a lot of tournaments that year and we made a lot of great memories. (I'll update with a photo if I can dig one out of storage).

            Now as an adult living in Buffalo, Summer has a different, but still great meaning to me. I know it means there will be all kinds of festivals and activates on the weekends like #Kerfuffle.

It also mean that I can look forward to my annual vacation to South Florida with my wife to see friends and family.

It means concert season which is a foreign idea in Florida. In fact, I feel like there were more shows in the Fall and Winter since it wasn’t AS hot lol. But there is ALWAYS something to do during the summer here in Buffalo. I recently just found a few Facebook pages that have all kinds of suggestions of things that are happening. I share them all the time so friend me

Those are some of my childhood memories from Summer and what Summer means to me now. Summer in Buffalo really is a special thing and I’m glad I get to experience it with the #AltFamily. Wear lots of sunscreen, stay hydrated and catch lots of shows this Summer. Much love!