Seattle Seahawks Introduce New Tight End… Will Ferrell?

May 1, 2020

When the Seahawks added Greg Olsen to their roster this offseason, they knew they were getting one of the greatest tight ends in the game's long history. Olsen currently ranks sixth all-time among tight ends in receiving yards, earning three Pro Bowl selections in Carolina after a promising start to his career in Chicago.

Obviously, introducing him to the rest of his teammates was important. But instead of adding the 6'5", 35-year-old veteran to the team's Zoom call, head coach Pete Carroll decided to add a 6'3", 52-year-old former kicker.

Yes, a former kicker. According to MaxPreps, Will Ferrell went 41-50 during his senior year as his high school's varsity kicker. But that's besides the point, as the main focus of this video is the hilarity that ensued after the team realized the stunt Carroll had pulled.

"Olsen" showed comfort with his new team right away, referring to six-time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson as "Russ" and even confessing his love to Wilson, who is coincidentally married to music icon Ciara. He told offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer -- calling him "Schotty" -- that he was "ready to catch some balls" and bring his own creative genius to the playbook.

We're especially excited to see "90 60 Flywheel Kanye Starburst" in action, as it looks like Tyler Lockett could run a deep post, D.K. Metcalf could run a flag route and Ferrell... err, Olsen, would run quite the squiggly vertical down the seam.

A little before the three-minute mark, you'll get to see some of "Olsen's" physique, and we have to say that it looks like he put on a few in the offseason. If his teammates' reactions are any indication, he should give a lift in the locker room chemistry and help bring his experience and wisdom to the team.

It's not Ferrell's first rodeo in professional sports. The actor notably played every position for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he definitely didn't showcase the same chemistry with then-manager Don Mattingly as he did with Carroll.