Portugal. The Man Launch PTM Foundation Focusing on Human Rights, Community Health, and the Environment

The band goes official

July 16, 2020

Alt-rockers Portugal. The Man went public today with the official launch of their non-profit PTM Foundation.

“Utilizing activism, community engagement, advocacy and philanthropy, the band hopes to build community resilience, empathy and awareness through the power of music, stories, art, education and connectivity. What sets the organization’s work apart, however, is a focus on a very unique and often disenfranchised group of communities that is of particular concern for the band: Indigenous Peoples,” a press release said.

“We know Indigenous Peoples face persistent and enduring challenges to their communities, their lands, and their basic human rights, with extremely limited support from the government as well as the broad spectrum of philanthropic institutions," John Gourley said in a statement.

"This is wrong, and our band has decided to do something about it.”

Portugal. The Man quietly launched the organization in May 2019, but has already reached more than one million individuals through their advocacy on tour. Through their foundation, the band has provided grants to and built partnerships with over a dozen organizations across the country.

Additionally, the band has announced the opening of three national grant programs. The COVID-19 Native Community Relief: 20 organizations that have been identified to received funding supporting Native communities with COVID-19 relief. Get Out The Native Vote: a non partisan grant program promoting strategies to get Indigenous Peoples registered to vote and engaged in the civic process.

Finally, the Land Acknowledgement Activism: A partnership with the City of Portland designed to implement Land Acknowledgements at all City of Portland events.

You can find out more information about the PTM Foundation on their website.

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