NFL Offensive One-Season Wonders for Every Team Since 1980

August 5, 2020

NFL players can come out of nowhere to make phenomenal plays in clutch moments of a game, forever giving them a cult following. Guys can dominate for entire games out of the blue, too, only to go back to their usual role as a backup.

But can guys really do it for an entire year without having success in any other season? Apparently, they can. And apparently, it happens more often than I thought it would have.

We've looked at the guys who did it throughout MLB history, for which there were multiple contenders for all 30 teams, and the 32 NFL squads are no different.

For every team there are several candidates, except for in the rare cases when one guy sticks out above all the others in such an obvious and undebatable way. One way I narrowed down the choices a little bit was by limiting the selection to the past 40 years, though that still leaves a humongous group to choose from.

Without further ado, let's look at some of the strangest outliers for each NFL team since 1980.

All stats retrieved from Pro Football Reference.

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