EXCLUSIVE: The Pixies Take Us Inside 'Beneath the Eyrie'

The alt legends return with their 7th LP

September 12, 2019

When the Pixies release a new album, people pay attention. Whether it’s the laundry list of artists who claim the Boston alt gods among their influences, or the fans who counted themselves among the cool kids because they knew their music, everyone wants to hear what they’re going to say next – both lyrically and musically.

There shouldn’t be many who are disappointed, then, when they learn frontman and songwriting genius Black Francis considers the Pixies’ latest effort, Beneath the Eyrie, the album he’s most proud of.

“I like the way the songs came out; I like the atmosphere,” he told RADIO.COM “It has a lot of acoustic rhythm guitar in it that we had been talking about kind of going back to that because that was kind of the way that we used to perform in the early days.”

Beneath the Eyrie is the Pixies’ seventh studio album and first since 2016’s Head Carrier. The title comes from an eagles’ nest band members found behind the converted church in upstate New York where they were recording.

“It was a huge, massive nest up in the tree there,” drummer and bird lover David Lovering explained. “That was just connected with the church, I mean I didn’t come up with the title but it was an eagles’ nest, an eyrie.”

The Pixies have already shared three tracks from Beneath the Eyrie, including lead single “On Graveyard Hill.” The song fits the band’s description of their new LP as dealing with “witches, Daniel Boone, misfits” and other spooky topics.

Beneath the Eyrie is available everywhere tomorrow. In our interview above, hear how the band deals with the high expectations of a new album, their tour ritual that has never changed, and the time Robert Plant complimented them.