#DiscoverAndDownload: Guardin - I Think You're Really Cool

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October 28, 2019

Photo Credit - Photo Finish Records with permission to Entercom New York LLC



Welcome to the world of guardin, the genre-blending musical project of Nicholas Kerr. Combining aspects from all over the musical spectrum, from alternative and emo to hip hop, guardin has already connected with millions of people by singing about mental health, heartbreak and more, with the sole goal of connecting with others to let them know that they aren’t alone. Already garnering hype for his early singles from tastemakers such as Alternative Press and with tours under his belt supporting acts like gnash and Mallrat, guardin is just getting started - and he is here to stay.

Hailing from Western New York, guardin was musical from the start. From learning drums with his father in their own garage, to participating in the school marching band and dabbling with piano and electric guitar, his passion for creating music has only grown stronger. “I didn’t start writing my own melodies until I picked up the electric guitar at nine. I’d always sit right in front of this tiny amp throughout the day and try to learn AC/DC & Rage Against The Machine riffs with my cousin,” he reflects. After receiving a drum set soon after that, he proceeded to play so much that he tore holes in the drum heads within two years. Next he picked up an acoustic guitar at age twelve, and initially began to write songs. Dabbling with beats and production next, guardin taught himself how to work with lo-fi and hip-hop beats and eventually picked up the ukelele, all coming together to create his current infectious sound. Describing his music as “vast, honest and lovesick,” he draws upon relationships not only with his friends and family or lovers, but also with himself. “I tend to use my craft to vent a lot about whatever is on my mind. The good, the bad, and everything in between,” he says, which is what makes his music so authentic. His unique collection of personal musical influences also comes into play, from acts like Sum 41 and The Killers to Tyler The Creator and Mac Miller.

“I usually record a handful of freestyled melodies over a beat to figure out a base structure, and use that to help me craft sort of a walking stick for my writing,” guardin explains about his process. “I’ll usually write a hook and a verse, and then come back to it later once my mind is in a new place so my verses feel welldifferentiated. From there, I add in separate layers such as ad libs or backing vocals to really fill it out and bring the track to life.” You can feel how well he is perfecting his craft in smooth tracks like “tom from myspace,” the lead single from his forthcoming debut EP, “creature” - set to release this fall via Photo Finish Records. guardin has already connected with so many listeners, and he is only beginning to scratch the surface. He released his “creature pt. 1” EP as his single ‘i think you’re really cool’ continues to build steam and gain audience. Currently working to finish all the music for the “creature pt. 2” EP, there is plenty coming from guardin ahead of his upcoming tour supporting guccihighwaters & Lund.


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